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You could be preparing to make a new start or break from a job where you've felt you were treated without regard to your professional expertise and it struck at the heart of your ego. If you do decide to make a go at something new, remember to do so with a spirit of love and not in anger.

Pisces, be open to adventure. The desire to change things in your life could intensify for you. You may be feeling super hopeful right now about the potential found in a project and need to keep your feet on the ground to plan. Planning may seem to be no fun when you really want to get your hands into the work now, but it's a smart move. Follow Us. Sign in. Photo: unsplash. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac , Self October 19, Moments like these are magical.

Life is all about change, and as the sky releases it's power in the form of a meteor shower. In astrology, we observe the actions of planetary movement and believe that what happens above influences something energetically on Earth. Cancer, to say life was complicated and difficult over the last month for your zodiac sign, could easily be considered an understatement.

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You may have had some glimpses of relief and then another problem either with a family member, a work associate who needed extra support or even corporate policies at large that challenged your patience. This upcoming month, the energy will slowly move towards a lighter and more relaxed feeling of harmony. Not so much because things have changed around you but that changes have taken place within you. You can handle more with grace and learn to detach without feeling overwhelmed. Leo, you may have had a message on your heart and a desire to be more creative this month.

Either in songs, playing music, creating art for social media sharing, even blog writing, this month has been truly transformative in the area of the written word for Leos everywhere. Up next, anticipate the effects of creativity to have an impact on your home and personal life. You may find yourself invited to more meetings and taken into confidence by authority figures who have either valued your contributions or see something inside of you that's of value. You may also feel the need to be supported by someone in your life that has your back when you pursue newer and more loftier goals.

Use this time to create a space where you can both think and plan, but also listen and learn from the voice within. Virgo, while your ruling planet is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, you may find that your sleuth skills help you to discover something that frees you from a work-related bond or to get out of a contract that you need to break from. You may find that you could discover something interesting, a type of detail that enables you to take advantage of an opportunity that someone tried to keep from you.

If you are searching for a new place to live, work, or just need to change a dynamic that's on paper but you haven't found the right loop hole, this month could provide you with a lucky break. Libra, while you have plenty of reasons to think and feel positive about life and love, you may still feel like your guards are up waiting for the shoe to fall off the other foot.

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It could be for no reason at all; however, you may wonder if what you are doing now is the right place for you to be or if you should make any adjustments for the sake of improvements. Upcoming could be a review of the changes you have made and the ones you need to say good bye to and go back to the way things were before.

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Not all changes are positive, right? But at least you can't say you didn't try. Scorpio, where there is Jupiter, there is growth, and sometimes growth is like readjusting a room. You may have literally readjusted a room this past month, but if you haven't, give it some time. Personal improvements are on their way for you if you choose to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

You may be ready to open your mind to a new way of living and being with others. You could redefine a personal relationship that was once bordering on the lines of intimate but now it's deeply platonic with lots of love shared between friends. With Venus in your first house and Mars in Aquarius, discussions about love continue and could involve the transferring of responsibilities, redefining roles when involving couples or potentially a change in marital status for some Scorpios, too. Capricorn, some transformational activities can continue to escalate in the area of your career. You could be making a new discover about a partner that you didn't know before and valuable information gets disclosed.

If you're in the sales industry, nurture your client relationships more intimately in order to prepare for some business changes that could create delays in growth. There's potential for you to discover how to work better with others at work but also at home.

You can pursue some new networking opportunities now and even begin brainstorming on brand development if you're planning to strike out on your own by starting a new venture. In line with the comet's return, every 33 years or so the Leonids give an outstanding display. The last big Leonid shower was in , where the number of meteors ranged from 40 per hour to an estimated peak of per second!

Accounts of the Leonid storms date back to AD. Each one is different, because at the return of the comet every 33 years or so, the encounter with Earth's orbit varies due to the gravitational effects of planets on the comet's orbit. This magnificent comet passed close by the Sun again on February 28, During a storm, Earth crosses the outer regimes of the dust trail of comet Tempel-Tuttle. When the meteoric matter hits the Earth's atmosphere, new molecules and solid particles are formed that are of interest to the origin of life, the interaction of Earth and Space, and the issue of ozone depletion.

More on the Science of the Leonid Storm History of the Leonid Storm in Modern Times Just before dawn on the night of November , , the skies over eastern North America were lit up by thousands of meteors appearing from the region of the constellation Leo. Many thousands of people saw the event. A scientist named Denison Olmsted gathered many accounts of the meteor storm, and, together with accounts of of an abnormal display of meteors seen in Europe and the Middle East the prior year, determined that the storm was caused by a discrete cloud of small particles orbiting the sun.

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That night marked the beginning of modern meteor astronomy. A repeat of the Leonid storm ocurred on November , Shortly before this, a scientist named Hubert Newton identified Leonid showers as early as AD, and he specified a period of about 33 years. In Comet Temple-Tuttle was discovered, and after its orbit had been calculated, and that of the Leonid stream in , astronomers made the connection between the two.

The Leonids failed to produce a storm in It was discovered that the stream had been perturbed in intervening years by encounters with Jupiter and Saturn.

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A respectable display did occur in , visible from the central and western United States. A relatively weak display occurred in , but enhanced activity was noted through The big event in was, however, on the way. In , the Leonids produced rates as high as per hour. On the night of November 17th, , observers all over the world settled in to watch.